Car Insurance

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding auto and car insurance in general as it is very complicated. The internet has made it more easier than ever to understand unfamiliar concepts that the insurance company imposes on us. There are a lot of factors that one has to understand when it comes to an understanding of the premiums. Here are some common things which will allow you to understand auto or car insurance better.

The price determination

The insurance company uses a calculation to determine some of the basic factors which include things like the model of the car, the use of vehicles, driving record, etc. Other things taken into consideration include:

  • Age, gender and marital status
  • The place you live
  • Your credit score


The difference between the collision and comprehensive coverage

This is one of the things that common people are confused about. This is one concept which people take for granted but can cause a lot of confusion.

Comprehensive: This is a policy which will cover you in case of theft, damage and cause a lot of damage like fire, vandalism, falling rocks, etc.

Collision: There is a lot of damage which can occur as a result of collision when you are at fault, and collision policy helps cover the damages, which include potholes.

Expensive cars do not cost more to insure

This is one of the most common myths out there, and it is important to let go of this notion. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to car insurance. But according to an analyst, the calms to an expensive can be more when compared to a lower budget car which can be the reason for the myth to surface.

Ways to pay less for auto insurance

pay less

There are many simple ways that you can lower your insurance bills. In some cases, this means that you are going to be reducing the coverage. Increase your deductibles, and you can reduce your collision and comprehensive cost by 15% to 30%. You can also claim the insurance company to offer a lot of discounts for low mileage cars or safe drivers.

Personal auto insurance doesn’t cover using your vehicle for business

Most of the policies exclude personal driving for a personal vehicle. There are many companies who will cancel your policy when you are involved in a collision. Try to be aware of this as there is a hook for almost everything. You can talk to your insurance company which can allow you to have the right policy for business driving. There is also good coverage which can allow you to ride the rideshare companies without having to risk your coverage costs.

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